Husky Senior Care

Before You Leave Home, Call Husky Senior Care



The Husky Concept

Husky Senior Care was founded on three pillars:

First, we believe that seniors in the "Greatest Generation" expect and deserve to be listened to and served by caregivers who share their language and values.

Second, we believe that old age is a significant time in life. Life experience gives seniors wisdom, humor, and good sense that the rest of us should pay attention to. No matter how challenged by physical needs or dementia, each senior has something to offer.

Finally, we are committed to helping seniors stay in household environments, both with in-home care and adult family homes. If you can't stay at home, then consider Longhouse Adult Family Homes (

Aging brings changes. Where you live shouldn't be one of them. That's our stand. If you want to find out more, please call us.