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You are an exceptional caregiver.

You have your pick of companies to work for. We invite you to come and work with us!

Job Line: 206-484-4913

(Please only use the Job Line after you fill out an online application.)

Besides working for a small business with a great leadership team and no big company drama or politics, here are some other reasons to join our company.

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Enhance Your Life!


We have an excellent reputation in the Seattle area.

Caregiver Support

A Care Manager will support you and provide extra training. This critical extra layer of support makes all the difference!

Meaningful Work

Let your work be an extension of your values and goals. We see our work in this way.

Work Under RN Oversight

Prepare for nursing school or medical school by working under our Registered Nurse. Many of our clients have interesting high acuity, chronic conditions such as ALS or Parkinson's Disease. From a medical perspective, you will find the work interesting.

Great Clients

We serve educated seniors with fascinating backgrounds.

One-on-One Care

Learn the entire scope of patient care with one-on-one care instead of giving 15 bath assists per day at a nursing home.

Flexible Schedules

You work when you want to work—as long as you can commit to a weekly schedule.

Good Pay and Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: Our pay is some of the highest in the industry. Call for details
  • Paid Health Insurance: Yes, call for details
  • Paid Sick Leave: Yes, Up to 52 Hours per year
  • 401(K): Yes, and we match part of it!
  • Paid On-Site Training: Yes, free
  • Free Continuing Education: Yes, free
  • Paid Insurance if Injured on the Job: Yes

A Boost for Your Future Plans

Promotion Opportunities

Care Managers, FT Floats, and other HQ jobs are staffed first from within the group. We promote from within!

A Stepping Stone

Our caregivers go on to nursing school and into other caring professions.

Apply for a Job With Us!

Job Line: 206-484-4913

(Please only use the Job Line after you fill out an online application.)