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Aging brings changes. Where you live shouldn’t be one of them.®

Jun 2018 18

What is 24 Hour In Home Care for the Elderly?

What is 24 Hour In Home Care for the Elderly?  Read this blog post to learn the answer.

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May 2018 21

Home Health Care Costs for 24 Hour In Home Care

The cost of 24 Hour In Home Health Care is based first on the minimum wage of the city and region and second on some arcane state and federal labor laws. 

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Apr 2015 13

In Home Care vs Memory Care

Compare In Home Care to Memory Care Community

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May 2014 30

Grandma on Stilts and the Merits of In Home Care

I took the family to the Puyallup fair last month and saw this grandma walking around on stilts (see picture).  Wow!  She reminded me of the founding principles of our in home care company and I want to share them with you in post.

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Mar 2014 12

2 Quick Rules for Evaluating a Senior Living Community

I worked in senior living for fifteen years and here are 2 quick rules for evaluating a senior living community

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Nov 2013 27

The Secret of Saying Thanks is the Same Secret that Makes a Great In Home Care Company

This post is dedicated to the power of thankfulness in our lives and work. It is also indirectly about how the attitudes of people in a our In Home Senior Care company influence the quality of service that the company can provide.

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Nov 2013 14

Homecare Housing Match for In Home Senior Care – A Good Idea and the Surprising Result

One focus of Husky Senior Care is to bring down the cost of in home care. The most potent way to do this is to encourage seniors in the same neighborhood to share housing and care. In this scenario, Mrs. Jones would move in with Mrs. Jenkins and share caregivers, effectively cutting the in home care costs by 50%. This would lead to a revolution in the quality and quantity of in home care that seniors receive in their neighborhoods.

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Nov 2013 14

Aging brings changes. Where you live shouldn’t be one of them.

I got started working nights in a retirement community during college and it got into my bones. Fast forward 20 years and I own Husky Senior Care and get to put my own ideas about service to seniors into action!

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