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Telehealth and In Home Care

Husky Senior Care is the Stay Home Alternative because we offer a continuum of care from very light care to very heavy care. Telehealth is the “lightest” care possible and a great gateway to In Home Care. With Telehealth, we will pick up the phone and accomplish whatever task we’ve been given. We will follow the protocol that you set and report to you if anything is out of order.

What are some examples of telehealth in home care services?

Telehealth is most commonly used for:

  • Reminders of all kinds (medications, eating, drinking, exercise, putting on glasses, brushing teeth, etc.)
  • Wellness check-ins
  • Document blood sugar, blood pressure, and more

What is included with telehealth in home care?

We take Telehealth very seriously and will set it up as professionally as the rest of our services.

  • Brief Plan of Care
  • Document exactly what you would like accomplished during the call
  • Document what steps you would like taken if there is no answer
  • A plan on our end with redundancies so we never miss a call

What is the cost for telehealth in home care?

Telehealth is $10 per call. If we must send someone to the house, the cost is $40/hour door to door.