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Here is what the people who know us best have to say about us.

I wanted to say thank you for the services you provided my uncle, Hans E.  Right from the start it felt good to be able to trust someone with the personal caring and attention to quality that Hans received.  Your staff of caregivers are wonderful.  The personal attention they gave Hans and the daily chores they accomplished were extraordinary.  Hans enjoyed their company and felt at ease with someone staying in his house.  I really appreciated the way Elizabeth worked with our sometimes hectic schedule once Hans started doing things on his own, and the way Bonnie was able to point out and control situations that needed help and the delicate way she gave advice to Hans when he was not very receptive.  I am singing the praises of Husky Senior Care to everyone I meet.  

Steve Sorenson, 5/4/18

Mickie [Husky caregiver] is just what the doctor wanted me to find.  She is a breath of sunshine from the minute she walks in the door until she leaves at the end of a long day.  She is professional in everything she does.  I'm constantly thanking her for already taking care of something before I even ask her.  She is always thinking, anticipating what we might need.  She's observant, caring, efficient, compassionate and kind with David - always with a smile on her face and in her voice.  I've been able to rest, really rest, with complete confidence knowing she will be working to help us.  I am so grateful that Trish [hospital social worker] recommended contacting Husky.  Everything Jennifer explained about Husky, and the type of home care we would receive is reflected in both you and Jennifer and Mickie.  Thank you.  And especially thank you for the respect you offer David each time you have been with him.  You have helped our family so much when we needed it most.  

Mary Anne G., 4/24/18

I really can't express how overjoyed we are with all of my Mom's care team you have sent down on her behalf.  It has been a long hard journey finding a caring team like you, but by God's Grace, we did!  To have a Care Manager (never had one before) is a dream, but then to have someone like Gina, is beyond words.  To be able to network with her to help my parents is the best way possible in this late stage of their lives is such a huge gift to me and my family.  Her compassion for them is another unexpected gift that we so value . . . Thank you, and we welcome our Husky Senior Care Team into our family.

Cathy Denton Womach, 3/21/18

I'm a health care professional in hospice, and a huge part of my job is helping patients and families obtain quality and affordable private caregivers to supplement the care that the family is providing for their loved ones.  Husky Senior Care, a smaller and caring agency, recently came into a very challenging situation with a frail very elderly couple, and despite their resistance to accepting outside care, Husky has completely won them over.

Unlike some other care agencies that I've worked with, Husky not only comes in and provides a free consult with a care manager, they CONTINUE to have the managers monitor and communicate with the family and healthcare team.  Care managers Jennifer and Kris have been stellar in this way, and have found the most amazing caregiver, Michael, who visits them 2x weekly, each for 4 hours.  They do it all, from driving the couple to errands and MD appts, to an outing at the lake, to meal prep, to light housekeeping, to personal care for our hospice patient.  They are not the cheapest agency out there, but there is a real reason for this:  quality caregivers, and a hands-on collaborative approach.

My agency has not affiliation or relationship with Husky or any other agency, but I did feel it would be helpful for those who are seeking good safe care to give it a go. :)

Sharon Krall, 9/21/17

We want to thank all of you for your loving support for Al's care.  Mary is a jewel and should you ever need a reference for her, please don't hesitate to ask.  Your company has our highest recommendations.  We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us.

Tammy Linden, 9/5/17

"No Dr. Levinson, It's too dangerous," Nana said.  Dad's caregiver, Nana, is not what you think a "Nana" should be.  Try 6'3", full of muscle but also full of compassion.  He looked at me when we met in Dad's house and we both laughed.  I like him.  YET, days before, Dad wanted Nana to bring the wheelchair close to the stairs.  The people at Husky knew who to call, and I was able to talk Dad down from the heights of disaster, and Nana and Dad made up over pizza.

Matthew Long and the people at Husky always seem to know how to make the right calls.  Matt and I have been talking on and off about Dad's health and care since 2012. He has been patient and very helpful through extremely difficult times.  For over 3 years Husky Senior Care has given Dad and the family the stability, safety, and in-home care that has been remarkable.  A great big thank you to Matthew Long and the care team at Husky Senior Care.

Robert Levinson, 8/31/17

From my first interaction with Husky Senior Care while filling out an application at Matt's office, I know it was a good company to work for.  Everyone was friendly and professional, they treated me with respect.  They found me work right away and kept me working most of the time.  I found Husky clients and their families to be intelligent, educated, interesting, and courteous.  I could see right away that Matt and his employees had integrity.  I liked and agreed with Matt's mission statement.  Thanks Matt for creating a company I can be proud to work for!

Bonnie Schurr, Employee, 8/2/17

Thank you for sending the delightful caregivers to assist me after I came home from the hospital.  We enjoyed Yvette, Haddy, and Lovella.  All were pleasant and upbeat!  . . . Jennifer James [Care Manager] is now helping our cousin organize Husky Senior Care for her husband who has been in the hospital intensive care the past three weeks.  I was impressed with Jennifer's skills in organizing a somewhat complex care plan for him.  Her assurances and follow through were professional and excellent.  We will continue to recommend Husky Senior Care.

Madelyn Lindsay, 7/23/17

I have been with Husky Senior Care for 3 years due to having broke my hips.  They are very good, friendly, smart, sweet, compatible, take good care of me and my home and know when to alert my doctors of changes.  My little brother L. and boyfriend S. appreciate the care I receive from my caregivers and Care Manager Bonnie.  Thank you Husky Senior Care for helping me remain in my lovely home in Magnolia--without your help this wouldn't be possible.

B Kreager, 6/26/17

We have had 'Husky Senior Care' provide caregivers for my husband for the last 2+ years. We've had primarily two caregivers over this period of time, with the exception of a brief interim turnover issue-- (which did require re-training individuals ). Thankfully, this was resolved relatively easily with the help of the Care Manager, and owner Matt. The main two primary caregivers have been exceptional, and provide transportation to various appointments, meal preparation, and light housekeeping on a regular basis, (including dog walks). We are definitely pleased with Husky Sr. Care!

Lynn Jameson, 1/4/17

WOW! 13 days ago, I was told to increase the care for my 93 year old father and about 7 days ago, again I was asked to engage a 24 hour caregiver. Husky Senior Care was mentioned as one company to which I should inquire. I hired them for 24 X 7 care immediately. From the first contact thru my fathers' death 7 days later, they gave him the highest care possible. Each care giver, whether the actual attendant at dad's bedside, their social worker, RN or administrator, put my dad's needs at the forefront. I am convinced that each of these wonderful people significantly improved my fathers' last week of his life. Huge thanks to each of them!

Gary Christmas, 8/5/16

Husky Senior Care provides high-quality assistance for seniors. Husky Care aides helped my 90-year-old mother for 2 or 3 years, enabling her to stay active and connected through trips to the YMCA, shopping and other outings. At home, Husky caregivers prepared nourishing meals, helping to ensure that my mother ate properly.The Husky Care team provided excellent, conscientious support at every level. Matt met with us first to discuss care options for my mother. A care coordinator then visited to go over the specifics of what we needed and draw up a plan of care. The delightful caregiver with whom we were matched became a valued companion and helper to my mother, as well as a support to me. Her unfailingly positive outlook was a ray of sunshine in our lives. Scheduled shifts were always filled, and the plan of care was observed and updated periodically, thanks to attentive care coordinators and schedulers. Outstanding substitute caregivers filled in when needed. The accountant helped us to assemble documentation for insurance claims. Finally, Matt remained available and responsive throughout the relationship. I highly recommend Husky Senior Care.

Laura Friend, 6/13/16

I sustained a bone bruise (partial fracture) to my ankle and my husband works long days and I have no family in the area who can help me out with daily activities. After months of a long rehabilitation process, I was feeling overwhelmed, and I reluctantly reached out for help. Matt himself, the business owner, answered the phone at the business, which I was impressed by. He treated me with the kindness, compassion and attentiveness that he would have if I was his own family member. My Care Manager was friendly, personable, and also professional. She listened to what I wanted and set me up with the perfect caregiver for my needs, Amber. Amber was happy, cheerful, efficient, and reliable.I couldn't be happier with Husky Senior Care and I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance.

Artemis Liou, 6/7/16

Husky Senior Care served my Brother, who was cared for in his home with ALS for more than 4 years. Husky Care provided us with live in 24-hour care throughout this horrible disease until the moment of his death. Throughout the 4 years, Matt and his staff were available for us and Matt especially was always involved when needed. If I needed something, I could always call or email him and he always had time to listen and respond no matter if it was after hours or on weekends. I did not have to talk with an "after hours" person, I was able to call Matt who was keenly aware of our needs and my brothers circumstances. Working with Husky Senior Care gave my Brother's wife and me, his sister, a sense of security knowing that they would take care of providing qualified and caring CNA's who were trained properly as ALS disease changes the care needed often. As my brother's disease required complete help with all of his functions, they were trained and responded to our needs. If you need to talk with me for a reference, call Husky Senior Care and they can put me in contact with you. I could go on and on about all the things that came up during the 4 years we worked with Husky and how well they accommodated our needs but there is not enough room on the page!

Joan Edwards, 2/17/16

Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide to my folks.  I know my mom and dad are not the easiest people to work with.  I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the wonderful caregivers that come and put up with mom and dad's irritable moments, take care of their personal needs, and handle the things that need to be done daily that are challenging for them to do for themselves.  Having aid come to them has been a huge blessing for all of us (though mom complains) and Dad so appreciates that he doesn't have to help mom on his own every day.  I know this is your business, but you are truly filing a need that we will see more of in the future.  Thanks for helping my parents live a healthier, safer life without leaving their home.  Blessings to you and your staff.

S. Tagart DeLong, 12/5/15

Husky Senior Care has been a Godsend!  You have exceeded my expectations.

B. Wax, 10/23/15

Husky Senior Care has done everything I've expected and more!

M. Kopcho, 10/20/15

I have good things to say about Husky Senior Care.  The single element that made me select your agency over others was how you presented your caregivers.  I was very helpful to have the caregivers' pictures and bios to share with Helen.  I knew it would make her more comfortable to have some idea who was going to be with her in her home.  I appreciated the speed with which  Husky Senior Care responded to getting caregivers in the home.  Though difficult, the effort made to have consistent caregivers was appreciated.  Sonia S. was very attentive and sought to anticipate Helen's need.  She was quite observant and called me when concerned.  She was able to incorporate constructive feedback that was intended to make Helen more comfortable.  She heard my suggestions with an open mind and responded as requested.  Care Manager Jennifer was also very helpful.  Overall, Helen's final days were comfortable and spent among people who cared for her.  Thanks to Sonia and the other caregivers who made this possible.

S. Kline, 10/17/15

Please accept our sincere thanks for the wonderful care and support everyone at Husky Senior Care provided for M.M.  It was wonderful and reassuring to observe how Jaci, Vi and M. became a unit.  Folks at Bayview, physicians and family members remarked upon the high level of care provided to M.  The rest of the family and I will be eternally grateful for the positive impact on her quality of life and the fact that she was able to remain safely in her home.  Thanks, too, to the substitute caregivers, schedulers, case managers, and everyone else at Husky.  We appreciate all of you.

V. Morris-Lent, 10/9/15

I would like to compliment Husky Senior Care on the content, completeness, and consistency--and of course timeliness--of the care logs.  This supporting documentation is well organized and easy to read; and I believe it's responsible for a 33% reduction in the time it takes the LTC policy carrier to adjudicate and pay a claim.  For the last two months, my mother's account has received benefit payments before it's time to address the next month.  Bravo!

P. Jensen, 9/8/15

As the medical power of attorney for a dear friend I had to make the difficult decision of either placing her in a nursing home or hiring help 24/7. The coordinator for services at Bayview Manor suggested interviewing Husky Senior Care. I was impressed with the attentiveness and compassion that I found with Husky. The caregivers that were assigned were a perfect match for my friend who had always lived alone. We had two caregivers who not only provided excellent care for my friend but were respectful of each other and worked as a good team. They balanced each other personality wise and all and all we could not have been more pleased. I was especially pleased as they were able to arrange and accompany her to medical appointments and even stayed with her during a short hospital stay. I would recommend Husky Senior Care.

L. Robinson, 2/17/15

Thank you, to you and your staff, for all you have done for Larry and our family. Your care in our journey through his illness was truly a blessing. We are so grateful for the comfort you provided him and our peace of mind he was well cared for. Thank you.

The Bell Family, 1/26/15

Husky Senior Care is absolutely the best! By utilizing their services for the past several months, a period that was extremely stressful for our family was tremendously relieved. When you are thrust into the role of caregiver, the impact into your daily life and the lives of your family is immense and immediate. Thank goodness we found Husky Senior Care. They responded promptly to our inquiry and were able to set up caregiver services immediately. They were very understanding and thorough in tailoring their services to our mother's needs before, during and after her knee surgery. The pain medications completely changed her personality and she became increasingly difficult to deal with. The caregiver assigned to her was able to bond with our mother quickly. She was excellent at keeping Mom calm and happy during her painful journey through surgery, recover and physical therapy. I cannot say enough good things about Matt, Bonnie, Wanda and all the rest of the team at Husky Senior Care. If we need this service again, Husky Senior Care is who we will turn to. They are a godsend!

Caren Stewart, 1/8/15

My parents have been using Husky Care for about a year. The in-home care has been excellent. Because of this my 88 year old parents have been able to stay in their own home which is very important to them. The care giver provides exactly the type of care my parents want. She feels like part of the family and is knowledgeable, compassionate, and has common sense when faced with a variety of issues. I highly recommend Husky Care.

Patti Shattuck, 11/3/14

Thank you to you and your staff who cared for my Dad for four years. He would not have been able to stay in his home for those last four years without the 24/7 care that you provided—Penni, Janice, and Mary cared for Dad compassionately as well as keeping the house neat and clean. Dad wanted to stay in his house and you and your staff made that possible. Thank you.

Julia Johnson, 5/15/14

Husky Senior Care is AWESOME!!! I sang your praises to the Discharge Coordinator at Swedish Ballard. Let's hope she thinks of you when another family needs help.

Diane Duranti, 5/6/14

I cannot say enough good things about Husky Senior Care. My mother was living in an independent apartment in a retirement community. She suddenly took ill and need additional care. Matt came the next day and set up care. My mother then had to move to the health care facility. Husky Senior Care was so flexible with my mother's needs. When she moved back to her apartment they were there again providing care. Her caregiver Michelle was unbelievable. Positive, fun, engaging, helpful, proactive with care... my mom loved her. My mom is moving to an assisted living apartment next week, but Husky Senior Care made the transition possible. I would recommend them for their professionalism, amazing employees and flexibility to work with our needs.

Barbara Grecco, 1/5/14

Husky Senior Care provided outstanding service when our family faced an unexpected emergency. When my stepmother returned from a stay in short term rehab, my dad fully expected things to revert to "normal". Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and on the first day home we both struggled mightily to make a wheelchair to bed transfer. It soon became apparent that my dad could not make transfers on his own.I called Matt Long on a Friday afternoon as he was leaving for a short holiday. In spite of the awkward timing, Matt was able to meet with my dad on Monday and an HSC employee was on the job first thing Tuesday morning to assist with twice a day transfers. Although we only needed these services for a month, I came away impressed with the company's professionalism and attention to detail.One thing that was especially helpful was that I could access HSC's website each day and see exactly when the caregiver arrived and departed. This gave me peace of mind and allowed me to call home after the transfer to see how my folks were doing.Kudos to HSC and their management and staff for a job well done!

Diane Duranti, 12/9/13

Hi Matt, Big thanks to you, Jennie and the whole staff. All were knowledgeable, friendly and caring. It made the anxiety of strangers in the home with my mother just melt away very quickly.

Celia La Due, 12/3/13

I would highly recommend Husky Senior Care as a trustworthy, reasonably priced service for medically trained, in home caregivers.My mother was struggling to do everything to take care of herself, and since we hired Husky 8 months ago, the difference is notable. Husky Senior Care provides twice a week in-home caregivers to her. They drive her to doctor appointments, assist her with bathing, do the laundry, vacuum and review her medications. The tasks can vary depending on her needs.Husky co-owner Victoria also told us about services we didn't know existed, ex: "Wound Care" within Group Health for a persistent rub spot on her foot; a special knob for her portable oxygen tank that makes it last for 7 hours, not 2 hours; and where to buy custom-sized easy to put on shoes.

Mary Chapman, 10/22/13

Nice newsletter. I am so glad to have enlisted you & your staff to help care for my mom, Evelyn Chapman. If you need positive testimonials any time, I would be happy to give one to you. Compared to when we started working with Husky 7 months ago, my mom is looking so much better! The in-home care just a few hours a week has made a big impact on her quality of life. She looks healthier and happier. Our family is grateful for it.I hope all is well for you and Victoria. My mom really enjoyed having Victoria accompany her to the Golden Hearts luncheon for Northwest Center last month.

Mary Chapman, 10/6/13

I love the technology that lets me check that the caregiver has arrived as well as the weekly care report. These tools are an outstanding method that allows me to keep a watchful eye on the "home living" situation! Thank you!

Diane Duranti, 10/2/13

Just want to take a moment to acknowledge my gratitude for Maryanne's service for my mom.  She is a great!  A true asset to Husky Senior Care!

Kim Jones, 8/15/13

Just want to thank you and everyone who came last week. We were very pleased with each and every one! And appreciate that they worked extra hours to help us!! You have an outstanding staff!!

Celia and Ann La Due, 7/29/13

Matt, your team really did an exceptional job. My Dad really clicked with Pat but he liked and appreciated everyone! You have an exceptional group of employees and should be proud of them.

Larry Post, 7/16/13

I would be very grateful if you would kindly pass on my thanks to the nursing staff who so kindly cared for my brother Peter in his apartment in Ballard and who showed him such kindness during the days prior to his death on the 9th July 13. I know Peter was very happy and liked them and it was very nice for me to know how comforting this was for Peter. Thank you for all the kindness showed to him. Thank you very much.

Jack Butterfield, 7/9/13

Our family would like to thank all of Husky Senior Care again. You and your staff have met and exceeded every request and expectation that our family has made and we are forever thankful.

James Pirsch, 7/7/13

Your caregiver Melodi was wonderful, professional, and personable. Thank you!

Frank Lindsay, 5/14/13

Matt, Since October of last year, it has been my privilege and good fortune to have had the professional services of Melissa Forsythe (Husky Senior Care caregiver) on Wednesday of most every week. Due to my greatly improved physical situation, Jean and I feel it is no longer necessary for me to continue receiving this care. Should that change at some future point, we both hope Melissa would again be available. Melissa, in a single word, is Dependable, Reliable, Punctual, Honest, Friendly, Fun. She is like a granddaughter to us. We continue to wish her the best.

Don Emily, 3/30/13

Dear Matt and Staff, I want to thank you for all the assistance and attention you and your staff of Michelle, Lindsay, Stephanie, and especially Ashley provided me prior to my operation in August 2012 and the following six months until this February. The therapy on my legs by Ashley helped me recuperate from a very difficult operation. Mrs. Manning was also appreciative of the excellent household help she had during this time. Thank you again.

Chad Manning, 2/21/13

Hi Matt, I'd like to let you know how wonderful Katherine is. My parents are pleased and happy with her and it is such a relief to me that that have the kind of care we have been looking for. Mom has yet to mention even one thing she is unhappy about. A huge thank you to you and Katherine.

Patti Shaddix, 2/20/13

Thank you, Matt, and everyone else that we had the pleasure of meeting through Husky Senior Care.You really worked a very necessary "miracle" for us, being able to send staff so quickly when my father’s needs changed more rapidly than we expected.  Everyone that showed up at our door to help through those last few days, was caring, knowledgeable, gentle, hardworking, and a real help to us and our father. I'll be telling everyone I meet who needs help caring for their loved ones to give you a call. Happy holidays to all of you.

Kari Hedman, 12/28/12

Hi - I just have to say that Mary must have an incredible knack with seniors! Whenever she has been helping out Tom, afterwards he is in a great mood and he is sparkling clean as well as the rest of the house. Thank you for setting her up to help Tom!

Ruth Pappas, 11/1/12

Hi Matt. Got rave reviews from the last referral I sent your way so have another. Please call me.

Kathy Ross, Choice Advisory Service, 7/11/12

Thanks a lot Matt - I appreciate it. I don't know if you heard or not but Christina played Mom's old organ the other day. Mom loved hearing someone play it and she sat next to Christina and joined her in song.  Thanks so much for selecting a great match for my Mom.

Paula Jones, 4/9/12

Thank you again for the nice reports from Christina. Please pass on to her that I appreciate so much her understanding of how good it is to get Dad out for a walk. I know that isn't always an easy idea to sell to him, and I'm very grateful for her patience and effectiveness in winning his trust. I was also pleased to see that Nancy talked to Christina about respite help so she can go to a ballet. We WANT her to do that! but it's hard for her.  Thanks again for this very nice web service.

Peg Engel, 3/21/12

I write to strongly recommend Husky Senior Care as a companion care option for residents at the Mirabella. My mom has benefited greatly from Husky Senior Care services over the past 8 months, and I want to make sure that you know about this service for other Mirabella memory care residents. I was unable to take my mom on as many walks and outings as I wanted to, because of my other obligations with my job and children so I hired Husky Senior Care to take my mom to cafe's, on walks, and to parks. My mom loved the Husky Senior Care staff and I found them to be professional and well trained.  I have copied Matt Long, owner of Husky Senior Care, on this email so that you can contact him if you think that other Mirabella residents would benefit from additional walks and outings or companionship.  I think that Husky Senior Care also might provide assistance to Mirabella residents that live on other floors of Mirabella too. You can ask Matt more about the services they provide.

Rebecca Phelps, 1/9/12

We are very pleased with Husky Senior Care. They paired us with Christina Koepp.  She is sensitive and efficient and has charmed Paul. I have been able to schedule appointments and return to find a relaxed, happy person and a polished, clean house. (Paul panics if he and I are in separate rooms).  On the surface it is expensive house cleaning, but the job is more than that.  Christina appears to work with this Alzheimer victim as if there was no problem.  And I feel I will be able to check with director Matt Long if sudden changes happen. Resources are available with his firm.  So far so good!

Nancy Risdon, 12/1/11

I’m as pleased as I can be with your service. Rico is pleasant, does anything I ask, and is strong enough to get me up the stairs. I like her very much.

Maggie Kahman, 7/13/11

This is in reference to your employee Allie Lunsford who is taking care of M. Billings. I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous employee she is. She is always early, always attentive. I have known Margit for 40 years. This is the best person I have ever seen take care of her.

Mary Marle, RN, 8/25/10

I would like to thank you, Diane, Karen, and Susanna for taking such good care of Dad and Katharine. We all feel blessed to have such a caring team making it possible for them to stay in their home.

Julia Johnson, 8/7/10

Husky Senior Care was immeasurably helpful when my father was being released from the hospital, and later from nursing care. In those tough days you know you want to get your parent home, but you're not sure how to make it work. Matt Long, the Director of HSC, responded to my call quickly, offered a variety of services and hours, and began coverage immediately upon his return home. The caregivers were all extremely personable and professional and allowed me to return to my usual routine. Thank you Husky Senior Care!

Julie Busch, 6/23/10